30 Days for #TeachingTruth

Apr 21, 2022

MAY 2-31, 2022

ELEVATE your voice!


It’s time to take back the honesty in education narrative! Educators, ELEVATE your voice in this conversation.

The Education Civil Rights Alliance convened by the National Center for Youth Law is launching a social media campaign to elevate educator voices in the Teaching Truth space to build an educator-led national narrative. Each day for 30 days we will highlight a different educator and their teaching truth reality.


For over a year, we’ve seen attacks against and misinformation about #TeachingTruth in our classrooms… It’s time to show what #TeachingTruth really looks like, and why it’s so important to our students and the future of our nation!  Monday May 2, 2022 — in conjunction with Teacher Appreciation Week — will be the launch of “30 Days for #TeachingTruth”,, during which we’ll release EVERY DAY on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) a new vignette, in writing or on video, from an educator about what culturally-affirming education is and how it strengthens learning opportunities for our nation’s students.  See the three vignette examples, attached.


WE NEED YOU!!!  This is a chance to elevate, for the public, why #TeachingTruth is so important!  Please follow our social media channels:



and then like and share each day’s educator vignette for #TeachingTruth!   We also encourage you to amplify the message by using #TeachingTruth on your education posts for the month of May and share your own stories of the impact of culturally affirming teaching.